My standard poodle puppies are raised in my home, where they are in constant contact with people from birth. I begin the socialization process by holding each puppy and rubbing their feet, ears, and tummies, and talking to them several times a day.  I find it pretty hard to resist holding these sweet little babies.

The whelping box is in my front room, and we live our lives around the poodle puppies, with the normal daily activities we all have, watching TV, listening to music, running the vacuum.  They get brushed often as part of the routine to give them a head start to grooming.

At 3-5 days after the puppies are born, they are taken to my vet for evaluation,  mommy health check and for the puppies to have their dew claws removed and their tails docked. I leave a 2/3 tail on my pups, as I feel this gives  a nice balanced appearance when they are grown. I will consider not docking a tail, if requested before this time period.

I begin grooming ( using a clipper) when they are about four weeks of age starting with their face and then moving onto their feet. They are then groomed once a week to help learn the process. This also includes bathing and blow drying when needed.

My poodle puppies are individually temperament evaluated at 49 days old.   Each poodle puppy is conformationally assessed at 8 weeks of age using Pat Hastings', "The Puppy Puzzle ". I use the Poodle Pedigree and the Poodle Health Database  to determine the lowest possible COI ( co-effiency inbreeding) for my parent dogs.  This is to provide you with the best possible breeding available, and a healthier family companion .

I begin housebreaking as early as five weeks or as the weather allows. Poodle puppies are moved from the house into their puppy area, which has dog doors leading to an outside play/potty area, a good beginning towards house training.

I guarantee my standard poodle puppies for 2 years against genetic health issues known to the breed. Standard poodle puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Once in a while I may have a poodle puppy that would make a nice addition to a breeding/show program.