" Rocking Chairs King Maxamillion"                         the one who started it all

         " Rocking Chairs King Maxamillion"

                   the one who started it all


The Standard Poodle is an athlete, showman, flushing and retrieving dog, a protector, guide dog, an agility dog, an obedience dog, and best of all, a beautiful, loyal, and loving companion. Which also means a wonderful family dog, great with children and other pets.

Breeder of Standard Poodles in Montana, Wildrose Standard Poodles are not kennel raised but in our home with our family. Many of my standard poodles are from champion lines with good pedigrees. I also have litters of Royal standard poodle puppies for sale  on occasion. Although when registering a standard poodle puppy with the American Kennel Club, the Royal or giant poodle is still considered a standard poodle.

Established in 1975, We offer over thirty five years of experience breeding standard poodles, with the health and longevity of our dogs as well as temperament being a major factor in our puppies. We have great conformation, depth of chest and balanced bodies with awesome coats. Our dogs live in the beautiful Big Sky country of Montana.

Genetic testing is completed before dogs are placed into my breeding program. My standard poodle dogs and poodle puppies have outgoing personalities, great temperaments, and good health. We strive to bring you the loyal companion that the standard poodle has been known for many generations.